Friday, May 11, 2012


The nerve of that Winter's family trying to take advantage of poor old Premier Dunderdale's compassion. 

Listening to Dunderdale explain how the Winters cancelled the meeting with the Premier, you might have had the impression that the premier and the late Burton Winter's grandmother had conversed. That a grandmother to grandmother empathetic chat was all that was expected.

Turns out that the proposed meeting was arranged by Dunderdale's efficient staff, who seemed to have been so caught up in the positive optics of the premier hugging Burton Winter's grandmother during a polling period, that they forgot that the family wanted the truth, not false sincerity.

Dunderdale pitched her attempt to foist the Winters off on the hapless Government Services minister, Kevin O'Brien, as a reaction to being hoodwinked by the mourning family. Her entire story reeks of condescension . She basically said if they wanted more than a hug, than they are out of luck.

She might have agreed to have tea and talk with the family before hosting a Q&A session with EMO officials and former search and rescue co-ordinator, Clarence Peddle.  An accommodation could have been reached.
The premier was not prepared to answer questions, provide accountability or defend her stubborn refusal to allow a public inquiry. She did not have the guts to stare the family in the eye, to defend her convictions and judgement.

Once again, Dunderdale has expressed a poor lack of judgement making her party and government look heartless.

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