Wednesday, May 30, 2012



" Good government in a democracy requires involvement.
 We cannot be passive and hope that those in power
 will make the right decisions without our input Remember
that the number one job of every
politician is to get elected and then their second
 job is to get re-elected. We have to get informed
 and get involved, it's the only way to better

The Rural Lens


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Cyril Rogers said...

Peter, I would hope that more of our young people, and that includes yourself and Ryan, will take on the establishment and fight the most serious crisis rural NL has ever faced.

We have been kicked before but the last safety net has been removed and all traditional industries are essentially collapsing. I believe a revitalized but different fishery is possible but you guys have to lead the charge, starting with political reform.

Our lack of vision has mucked it up and we have allowed crass political games to destroy or, at a minimum, lose total control of what could be an infinite resource. It is shameful that we have been so complacent and stupid.