Wednesday, May 23, 2012





David McManus said...

But who is prepared to replace her?

I'm hearing the caucus is already talking about persuading her to leave with some cushy appointment so they can try to save their government.

You hearing anything similar?

Peter L. Whittle said...

I am hearing lots of chatter from disgruntled tories. There appears to be universal discontent with the staff she has surrounded herself with. From communications to political advice, they feel she needs to retool. One thing is for certain, she can not survive a challenge and will be told when to exit!

As for leaving, they might be best to hold on until the Liberals and the NDP have new leaders, but if the polls continue to trend down her staying on could result in some decent people coming forward to lead the other two parties. Some strategy and thought needs to go into the succession plan.

If she leaves, the party could rip itself apart fighting for the crumbs. I do not think there is anyone on the inside who can count on the backing of all caucus, so a contested leadership is a possibility. I expect King, O'Brien, possible Paul Davis, Charlene Johnson, Joan Burke and perhaps Susan Sullivan to test the waters. The top three from the group Burke, Davis and Johnson. I think Burke would be the most competent as a leader but her personality would be a hurdle for the job. There are plenty of people on the outside as well. I keep hearing Brian Dobbin's name kicking around. He would certainly make for an interesting bookend to either Paul Antle or Dean Macdonald.

The other thing I am hearing is there will be at least two by-elections in the fall, perhaps three.

Anonymous said...

What about the Minister of Natural Resources? Jerome is the most natural choice?

Anonymous said...

Burke has grown long in the tooth! She is a bully and no one likes a bully. A little charisma is needed to be leader. She has none!


Anonymous said...

To read these four comments is sad to say least. The Province in my opinion is in good shape and to see someone taking it over and putting us back to the bad old days would be a pity. Hearing the two opposition parties in the House, god helps us if either ever go their hands on the purse strings. There are a lot of competent ministers in the PC party and doing an out standing job. I go back to Mr Williams he put Premier Dunderdale in his seat so he must have had a lot of confidence in her ability to run the Province.Makes one wonder what is doing on.

Peter L. Whittle said...

As an observer of the local political scene, I am inclined to say that the current Premier is not living up to expectations. She is either getting poor advice or ignoring good advice. Either way she is just disappointing.

Take this Winters S&R issue - what a mess. She looks uninformed, misinformed or dishonest. Either way she does not engender confidence.

She gambled on supporting Harper. He support helped create a national tide the rolled in a majority Conservative government. All of Danny Williams concerns about the right wing agenda have come to fruition.

What cracks me up is when partisan types talk about the opposition or the media in negative terms because they have a contrary opinion or approach.

The government has been reactive not proactive with regards to the socio/economic issues facing the fishery, the forestry and rural development (or stagnation). After 10 years of governance, they must be accountable for their failures, as well as their successes.

What is said is how any hint of debate, discussion or dissent with the party line is met with crap about the "bad old days"

Tell me about the good days? Where are the new jobs? Where did the income for these "good days" come from? Voisey Bay and three offshore development agreements developed by liberal governments.

Reality sucks!

Anonymous said...

Kathy is a smart, empathetic and engaging leader. She studies the issue and tries to find common ground. She should be applauded for trying to undo the damage done by Danny Williams. We need Ottawa. Biting the hand the feeds you might have been popular, but the permanent result is that NL has no pull in Ottawa. I admire and support this incredible women. She is far from finished.

Anonymous said...

sad. what is sad is how pathetic a leader Stunderdale is! Danny left, the succession plan got screwed up and in scramble the PCers stuck the most unlikely person to ever become premier in the job.

She has no post-secondary education. really, no degree! She was never a social worker, an entrepreneur or an accountant. She was defeated in her run for mayor. She was defeated as a pc candidate in Fortune-Hermitage and became pc president when the party was at it's lowest point. She fluked into a nomination in Virginia Waters because Danny shut down the better qualified candidates, winning on his coat tails.

In fact, I doubt her work experience would have netted a job in an open competition. Yet, here she is premier by default.

She is so far in over her head that it not fit. She should be put out to pasture before she does any more damage to the party, or the province.

Forest Gump would be more credible