Monday, May 7, 2012


Bloody hell it is bloody cold here in St. John's.

We are into the last month of spring and it is nose-numbing, cheek-freezing cold  and it's bone-chilling damp.

I fear we are up for a repeat of last summer.

At least the snow from last week melted quickly, one can see the scattered frozen flower, green grass and lots of moss!

Must put on my wool socks and make the best of the day.


Peter L. Whittle said...

Just prove a point, one can never count on the weather in NL! It is currently 11 degrees in the East End and the sun was shinning through.

What a difference from this morning

dylan said...

Come on Peter,
We just had the warmest April ever recorded! Don't start complaining yet.

Hopefully, this summer will make up for last summer.

Peter L. Whittle said...


All about perspective I guess. Much of the last two weeks of April was fine June weather.

I just found the damp cold tough over the past two days.

Today turned out to be quite a bonus.

Thanks for reading