Thursday, May 3, 2012


There is stunned and than their is plain old stupid.

There is following your dreams and living a nightmare.

Than there is the 25-year-old Indiana man who dug up his backyard in search for treasure because a
a spirit told him he would discover gold.

Perhaps following his dreams was not silly, perhaps there was a pot of gold in his backyard but when he dug deep enough that he struck water, it might have been wise to give up the pursuit.

Instead he kept digging until he was trapped in sludge!

Fortunately his father, a supportive type of guy, was down in the hole with him. He escaped from the crevasse and called for help. Authorities used a backhoe to extricate the man and fill in the hole.

My advice to the guy, it might be safer to chase rainbows in search of that elusive gold.

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