Thursday, May 17, 2012


A few weeks ago I posted a video of an Australian Cabinet Minister skating on a political issue. 

The no-brained politician made an ass of himself. He certainly helped solidify the belief that most politicians have spines of jello and are not capable of straight answers or independent thought.

I would have never thought that this pathetic example could be trumped, let a lone by a Newfoundland politician. 

Yesterday, on the drive home from work, I heard the exchange between Felix the Cat and and NDP Leader Lorraine Micheal over the long promised Provincial Whistle Blower Legislation.

The Justice Minister was arrogant, disingenuous and sounded like a complete idiot! I don’t know if he thought he was being cool for the benefit of his fellow borgs, but he failed miserably. 

The bigger fail came when he could not run down the clock, it was when he faced the no nonsense CBC Political Reporter David Cochrane in a scrum in the lobby of the House of Assembly.

The video tells the tale. 

The point is that you know when a government has lost credibility. It is when the media and the public are snickering at you. 

Felix could have just said, “look, we have reviewed the legislation in other jurisdictions, we have had our legislative council draft legislation, however, we are not confident that we can enact anything that is more effective than the current provisions in the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code. Our review is complete. We tried but there will not be any stand alone Whistle Blower Legislation for the foreseeable future.”

People might accept that they tried. That, the promise can not be kept. The weasel approach is just pathetic, it fooled no-one.

The communications ability of this government has deteriorated a lot since the Liberal trained Elizabeth Matthews left the scene!

Perhaps the Premier should convene a cabinet committee to review communications in her own government, next to the mess in the fishery it seems to be the largest disaster facing the administration.


Anonymous said...

The absolute last thing I want is for the Premier to straighten out the incompetence of the communications people in her government.

It's just too dam much fun to watch the failures being exposed. Keep en coming Premier, keep em coming!

faris said...

absolutely good...