Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Peace, Order and Good Government.

That is something that Canadians have come to expect.

Last week, I suggested that Quebec Premier Jean Charest needed to take the bull by the horns and bring peace and order back to his province by addressing the striking students. Public opinion, judging as best as one can from St. John's, appeared to be with Charest. Enough was enough.

Instead, it appears that Charest has opened the Pandora's Box of nationalism by missing the mark on good government and delivering a piece of powerful, vague and intrusive legislation that has shifted public opinion towards the strikers.An excessive increase in the powers of police and the state to limit freedom of association is like throwing blood in water teaming with sharks.

 He made a strategic miscalculation in this age of Anonymous, student radicalism and Occupy Movements. Parallel protests against Bill 78 have spilled outside Quebec. Events  are taking place in New York, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Paris!

Bill 78 is a mistake. The Premier elected to go with a tank, when a fly swatter was all he needed. His overkill may very well ensure that PQ Leader Pauline Marois will become Quebec's Premier in the fall when an election has to be called.

The tooth-paste is out of the tube. Charest's incompetence may have unleashed the genie of Quebec Nationalism. The winds of change are blowing in a province that had put the issue of separation, even sovereignty on hold.

Instead, this strike, the Construction Scandal and the draconian Bill 78 is sure to reverse the tide and resuscitate the Constitutional quagmire. Marois was selling something that Quebeckers were less interested in than they have been for a generation. The strong winds stoked by the excessive bill  will certainly ensure Marios becomes Premier.

She supports  the “sovereignist governance,” option  and is promoting  Quebec “citizenship” within Canada. I suppose if Iceland adopts our currency, she will promote a similar economic relationship with Canada.

Charest has awakened the dragon.

The country will pay for his incompetence.

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