Friday, May 18, 2012


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Cyril Rogers said...

This photo says a lot about Kathy Dunderdale's blundering ways. Her efforts to get Mr. Harper to agree to a loan guarantee for Danny's legacy knew no bounds. Mr. Harper was never one to avoid a chance to get even and his carefully crafted script to her promised everything and promised nothing. Unfortunately, Ms. "Blunderdale" took him at face value and we know from past experience that he is slippery with words.

I am neither surprised nor angered with the feds for essentially turning their backs on Goose Bay at this time. It is what I have come to expect of them! Their focus is on their political base and it is not simply about this little province....we just happen to be a piece that can be sliced off, if it interferes with their "grand design" for this country. All areas that are not favoured will see painful cuts, with the possible exception of some ministerial ridings.

Harperites don't see anything positive about seasonal economies, as it screws up their fetish with the booming Alberta economy. They have deluded themselves into thinking their stewardship is what is keeping Canada's overall economy strong. Their tinkering with the GST, and their "boutique" tax credits, nearly destroyed the prosperity of the Martin years but who remembers that now?

Ms Dunderdale needs to, not only pay close attention to that Goose Bay "piece", but also to the pending thunder from changes to EI. No, EI was never meant to become a wage subsidy arrangement but it was politicians who created that scenario in the first place; to destroy that safety net now will gut rural areas. Her focus needs to be on coming at them hard but, in a reasoned way, in an effort to rebut some of the political slime emanating from the Conservatives in Ottawa.

Sadly for us, I don't see Ms Dunderdale or her colleagues having the capability to show the kind of leadership we need in this looming crisis. This crisis, in fact, presents an opportunity to revitalize the fishery but we will see more and more destruction, if current policies persist. Provincial leadership and provincial control would be a great place to begin but would require statemanship and cooperation far beyond anything I have seen from either the feds or the province in recent years.

The best we can hope for is that the years leading to the 2015 elections, both federally and provincially, do not do irreparable harm to our way of life. At this point, our chances are not looking that good!