Monday, May 28, 2012


Blackwater thrilled me!

The second last episode of season two of George R.R  Martin's A Game of Thrones was written by Martin himself. Apparently, this episode cost more to produce than all of the other shows this season combined.

It shows!

Stannis has brought his Armada to King's Landing. The big battle is on. You feel the panic on both sides. Tyrion borrows a page from the made king Aerys to turn the tide of the battle!

It was an amazing episode of must see T.V. For the first time this year, and I have not been disappointment, the screen trumped the book! The charecters, love them, hate them...all had their moments!

Book two of the A Song of Ice and Fire will conclude next week leaving us to wait another year for the screen adaptation of A Storm Of Swords, which was my favorite book of the series, thus far. If you think the first two seasons provided some twists and turns, the third season is incredible.

I have not heard if HBO will increase the number of shows in season three to match the considerably larger book. I hope so. Martin's books are tight, as the series has been, It would be a shame to cut anything.

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