Thursday, May 31, 2012


“It’s a blend of artificial intelligence with the
 capacity to be updated and become more 
sophisticated on the fly,” 

 Tom Kellermann, security expert 
  Member of U.S. President Barack Obama’s 
  commission on cybersecurity.

Flame the virus, not the hit Cheap Trick ballad or the Kinden's Labrador Retriever, is making headlines across the globe as security experts come to grips with the Trojan/worm computer virus which is in essence a tool kit designed for general cyber-espionage purposes.

Experts say it had to originate with a nation state engaged in cyber warfare. They say it is elaborate, stealthy, powerful, complex and it has been circulating since as early as 2007! Russian Internet security giant Kaspersky  its intention is not to steal money and it targets have been confined to several countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Cybersecurity experts suspect it was created by Israeli or U.S. programmers at the behest of intelligence agencies in those countries. It was designed to be modular. Its creators could stealthily add new functionality over time.I t likely took it's creators s millions of dollars and years of development to build.

Flame can recordkeystrokes (a "keylogger"),turning on the microphone and the camera of your computer and take screen shots of your e-mail.

According to a Globe & Mail article that I read over lunch,  it may be the most sophisticated piece of malicious software ever designed

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