Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Provincial Liberal Leader Dwight Ball is showing his skill ts addressing an embarrassing $700,000 deficit party tonight.

Ball is hosting guest speaker Justin Trudeau at a fundraiser for the Newfoundland and Labrador Liberal Party tonight in St.. John's. At $250 a ticket, the dinner at the Delta is expected to raise some big cash for the struggling party.

The price for a table was  $2500. Big fans of Justin were able to purchase  Platinum package for $3500. It includes a table for ten, VIP reception before dinner, photograph with Justin and corporate sponsorship.

Kudo's to Ball for putting together a great fundraiser and paying attention to the party's deficit  debt issue.

Work like this, in conjunction with the renewal committee augers well for the future.


John Hogan said...

It is a debt - not a deficit.
Have only been surpluses on my watch ;)

Newman said...

If the Liberals are trying to appeal and renew connections with grassroots people, it begs the question: The grassroots can afford $250 for a political dinner.

I would have loved to hear Justin Trudeau speak, but there was no opportunity for people who cannot afford the $250.

He had plenty of time to go around to local media outlets, so the organizers should have thought about some kind of a public opportunity to see the man.

If the Liberal Party only wants those who can afford such things, they are no where near renewal with grassroots.

Anonymous said...

He is not his Father's son. Pierre was a philosopher and lawyer. Justin was a drama teacher and dropped out of engineering and environmental science programs.

He does not look like or speak like his Father.

His is the critic for Sport and Youth. Not a major portfolio.

He is his Mother's son. Her book is available on Amazon.

The Liberals require leadership. Not fiction.

Gerry McManus said...

$700,000 is a lot to pay back and then raise the $1.2 million for a provincial campaign as the Tories spent in 2011.

The debt and renewal questions should have been addressed in 2003, when it all went South for the Liberals.