Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 An Australian elite athlete who has represented his country at five Olympics may make for some controversy at his sixth Olympic Games in London this summer.

Shooter Russell Mark has brought home gold and silver in previous Olympics. His wins are pretty impressive but this year he lost a bet and the consequences are going to be interesting for not just him, but Australian pride. While his fellow athletes will be donning green blazers and white pants, he will be wearing a lime-green mankini!

 He pledged to wear the skimpy swimsuit  if Melbourne-based Carlton lost to St. Kilda in the Australian Football League. His football team failed him badly. Mark owned up to making the bet on local radio.

Will he keep the  mankini in the closet? The Australian Olympic Committee must be mortified. New uniforms made from cutting-edge fabrics have been unveiled for Australia's 2012 London Olympics team.

Time will tell.

The not-exactly-fashionable swimsuit was popularized by Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat

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