Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The few times that I drove in Ottawa were disasters!

A small town boy in the city made for some stressful transitions. After several near accidents in front of the Confederation Building, I opted to walk and take the bus. If my boss needed a lift, he needed to use a taxi.

Cabinet Ministers don't take taxis, they have chauffeurs and sleek public cars to scoot them around. The Conservatives, like the Liberals before them, prefer to have a driver on hand to get them from their departmental offices to Parliament or Hy's Restaurant. It saves time and makes for efficient scheduling.

CTV News is reporting that the austerity government of Stephen Harper has been working hard on our behalf. Last year these busy beaver's drivers charged taxpayers more than $600,000 in overtime above their annual salaries.

No bad work if you can get it. It works out to be an extra $20,000 per year!

Tony Clement, then Industry Minister, had a driver on standby for more than 360 days that year, for  a total of 6,548 hours in 2010/11.

I have not had a chance to sift through the  data, but I assume the car, and the driver, were in his riding spreading out the $ 50 million in G-8 Legacy funds in his his Parry Sound-Muskoka riding.

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