Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Aidan is adept when it comes to finding stuff on the internet. Whether it is cheats for a game, how to make structures with his Bucky balls or set up his e-mail on his phone.

The internet is teaming with  information at a heightened pace.  Some of the best resources for self-improvement projects, fixing stuff, improving yourself, increasing your proficiency, and expanding your skill set can be found on thousands of sites.

For example, when the hard drive died on my  old 17" iMac, I started goggling how to do the repair. I was not long finding examples of others who have replaced hard drives, what tools were and advice. In the end I lacked the courage to do it myself.

Perhaps the best place to go YouTube where average and professional people share their knowledge instantaneously. From on-line courses in Adobe to how to jail break an iPhone, YouTube is the modern equivalent of the long lost Royal Library of Alexandria.

If you are open to improvement and looking for the best in do-it-yourself assistance, YouTube is the place to master your skills. Perhaps, there is something that you know how to do that you can share? 

Here is a list of some of the best  of YouTube tutorials.

Howcast features an eclectic variety of instructional videos. You name it and you might find it here. The information and videos are normally under five minutes and are quickly accessible.

Make Magazine is an incredible ultimate source for DIY videos. If you like hacking, working closely with technology, than you will like this Make Magazine. There is even  kids version to incorporate the kinders in project design and execution. I stumbled on this site while working on some Lego Mindstorm Projects. 

 Lifehacker like Howcast, offers a variety of techniques and solutions to a wide array of do-it-yourself dilemmas. A big plus, the hosts take questions and ofter solutions. It is like having your own in-house techie, engineer and project manager.

 Howdini connects you with expert opinions.  It offers 100 specialists, or gurus, to discuss topics ranging from health and beauty to money and travel.Hmm, what can I do about these hang nails?

eHow is the self-proclaimed "one-stop online resource for life's challenges" and boasts a  library of over 16,000 videos. They have 30 different categories, from home maintenance & repair to weight management & body image,

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Nancy Crozier said...

When I needed to make a Princess Leia hairdo for my daughter out of a long wig, Youtube made me heroic in her eyes.