Monday, April 16, 2012


The details of the first Conservative majority budget continue to trickle out.

They are cutting jobs in areas of safety. Even a Conservative government must realize it has a constitutional obligation to provide peace, order and good government.  Instead, they are cutting aeronautical safety, search & rescue, border safety, customs and food safety.

The so called "jobs and prosperity" budget appears to have ignored recent food security scandals in this country. Cuts to the delivery of food inspection services astounds me. People died because this government wanted to cut red tape for its friends in the meat packing business. It could have been you, it could have been your spouse, your mother, your child, your neighbor!

Is there a more singularly important role for this government than the protection of our food supply?

Sure we need shelter, infrastructure, mail etc, but safe food is a fairly reasonable request for Canadians.

In 2008,  the Canada Food Inspection Agency and Maple Leaf bungled a listeria breakout that occurred in a meat processing plant in Toronto which was linked to the deaths of at least 22 people.

The cuts to the Canada Food Inspection Agency shakes my confidence in the industry. Any real efforts by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency instituted to prevent another tragedy are now in the trash bucket? This is just more proof that the Conservative Government's move to industry self-regulation is continuing to fail Canadians.

The  listeria breakout could have been much worse. Food security should never be placed on the chopping by the cabal of former Harris Conservatives that occupy senior positions in the PMO.

We take a great deal for granted when we assume our food supply is safe.

 It looks as if Maple Leaf Foods, Schneider Foods, Cargill Foods and Lakeside Packers are controlling the Conservative Party . These companies are huge employers, particularly in places like Brooks, Red Deer and High River ALBERTA. Meat and meat products are Canada's largest agricultural export. Yes meat is big business in the heartland of the Reform/Conservative Party.

 I want to be confident that the food that I purchase and serve my family is not going to make them ill...or kill them. It is not a great deal to expect that  in 2012, in a great nation like Canad, that our food security is assured..

This is just another example of the thin edge of the neo-conservative wedge that puts profits ahead of your safety.

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