Monday, April 23, 2012


After a few days of above average warm temperatures we are back down to the single digits today. As Liam observed looking at the truck dashboard when I picked him up fro school this afternoon it is only half as warm today as it was yesterday!

That said, I will take 5 degrees and a little rain over zero and snow. After weeks of warm weather parts of Southern Ontario, Montreal and New Brunswick are getting hammered with wet snow, high winds and chilly temperatures today.

The high winds are expected to continue all night with some areas of Quebec already reporting power outages!

In Newfoundland we call these early spring storm Shelia's Brush. In Ontario it must feel like Shelia's shovel!

I took advantage of the surprisingly warm day yesterday to rake the yard, clean up the garbage and apply fertilizer, lime and some grass seed.  My neighbors got the jump on me last weekend and thier grass is nearly competently green already!

We are have in the forecast and double digit temperatures are expected by week's end!

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