Tuesday, April 24, 2012


When I was young we were told that reading pornography was a sure ticket to hell! The side effects included hairy palms and glasses!

Researchers in the Netherlands have released a study that indicates that watching porn shuts down certain functions of the brain.

Using PET scans the University of Groningen Medical Centre studied the brain activity of a dozen women, all heterosexual, premenopausal, and on hormonal birth control, as they viewed "female friendly" pornographic films. Lol, the first time I read the story, I thought it read "family friendly" which really made me take a second look.

The study found that the brain uses less energy on processing visual images while watching pornography making the subjects pay less attention to what’s happening on screen.

A control video about tropical fish was also viewed. The tests showed far less blood being sent to the primary visual cortex while watching the most explicit porn—the opposite of what usually happens while watching video.

Researchers suggest that the brain predicts, or knows what is coming next so it can sending blood to other parts of the body rather than the brain’s visual processing area.

I can hazard a guess to where the blood is diverted, which might explain why people say why some men think with the wrong head.

I guess mom was right, porn can make you go blind!

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