Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I missed April Fools! Darn that. My prank will have to wait another full year.  Work commitments, volunteer activities, Holy Week commitments and a booklet for Liam's Mega Hockey Tournament next week are the focus of much of my time this week.

Blogging is going to have to take a seat in steerage, which is unfortunate because the local political scene just got really interesting.

Speaking of interesting, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, sporting a wound over his left eye, snipped Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau  long hair chopped in the foyer of the House of Commons yesterday. Brazeau lived  up to his side bet on the outcome of his charity boxing match with Trudeau.

Brazeau has been a trooper. He says he wants to fully honor the bet and his mother. When Trudeau  cut only a symbolic amount off his ponytail,  The Proud Conservative demanded that more hair be cut..  Trudeau gave him a Liberal hockey jersey which has agreed to wear all week. The jersey has  Trudeau on the back with a No. 1!

Brazeau will now become a walking billboard for the potential of Trudeau as a force in Canadian politics and a symbol of the underdog. You could not buy this type of legend making.  Trudeau has shown that he has inherited his late father's tenacity and true grit.

According to Sun Media, scored record ratings during its special live coverage of the fight.  The entire broadcast averaged 92,000 viewers with the 30-minute period around the red vs. blue bout scoring 102,000 watchers.

Ironic that it took a Tudeau to give the home of Hard News and Straight talk it's highest ratings ever!

As serious as politics appears to be on the outside, it is really encouraging to watch public figures have a little fun and assist cancer research at the same time.

By the way, has anyone seen any pictures of the post-fight Brazeau adorned with his Liberal Jersey? I would love to have one for the blog.

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John Hogan said...

Don't forget to push the LPNL fundraiser with Trudeau as the guest!