Monday, April 2, 2012


" I've never hid the fact that I wouldn't mind 
to put the hurt on Justin — it's a boxing match,
 it's not aerobics class...The goal is to win,
 and to win at any price."

 Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau 
March 29th, 2012

Justin Trudeau showed his true grit over the weekend, handing arrogant Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau an embarrassing defeat in the third round of a $200,000 fundraiser for cancer research at the Ottawa Hospital.

The overly cocky Brazeau was not prepared and was all but owned by Trudeau in the Fight For The Cure Black Tie Event.  Both politicians lost a parent to cancer — Pierre Trudeau died from prostate cancer and Brazeau's mother to lung cancer.

The  Olympic amateur rules applied to the fight which was broadcast live on Sun News Network. I got a real kick out of right-wing media chief Ezra Levant having to congratulate Justin after the fight. He had been mocking Trudeau in the lead-up to the fight saying "“Use your ballet training, Shiny Pony"

If the welts and embarrassment of not being able to finish three rounds was not enough,  Brazeau's will be have a new look today. He made a side bet to to cut his hair and wear a Liberal jersey.

Brazeau who stands five-feet-10, weighs in at 183 pounds, was  considered by many to be the favorite against Trudeau — who stands six-foot-two and weighed in at 180 pounds.

The win should make the battle to sell tickets to the Justin Trudeau fundraiser for the Newfoundland and Labrador Liberal Party on May 2nd, a little bit easier.

Tickets for the  event scheduled for the Delta St. John's are: $250 each; $2500 for a table; or you can purchase a Platinum package for $3500. That package just got a little more attractive. It includes a table for ten, VIP reception before dinner, photograph with Justin and corporate sponsorship.

Brazeau today, Harper in 2016!

Way to go Trudeau!

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