Monday, April 2, 2012


“And given that they've had their wings clipped
 a little bit, in terms of the time that they've had
 to review the project, I think some of that sway
 has been undermined or been taken away from them.”

Former Natural Resources Minister
Shawn Skinner

Shawn Skinner might have just had his name deleted from the Premier's Christmas card list.

 The former Natural Resources Minister told the CBC's On-Point with David Cochrane that the Public Utilities Board review on the proposed Muskrat Falls project has been undermined by the Dunderdale government.

Premier Dunderdale refused to give the board a second extension,  and she has refused to allow her own members to participate in a debate on the project in the House of Assembly.

The government also restricted the PUB and Manitoba Hydro International from looking at other energy options like Natural Gas.

It will be interesting to see if the premier shrugs off Skinner's concern. She certainly can't dismiss her former Natural Resource's Minister like she has so many others including former Premier Brian Peckford and Cabot Martin, a former PC policy advisor during the 1980s, who both told the PUB that the review process has been rushed.


Anonymous said...

Obviously another case of Progressive Conservative Persecution Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Skinner could not get re elected so that speaks volumes about him. I often wondered if he knew that much about the project period. All these past politicians just got to keep in the media I wonder what are they trying to prove.

Cyril Rogers said...

Peter, it appears that Skinner knew the PUB was about to put a damper on this thing, as announced today.

I was a bit surprised with their conclusions. However, given the cautions in the MHI Report, the PUB stance is understandable.

In my opinion, the PUB showed intestinal fortitude and integrity in denying its support, based on outdated data.

The government and NALCOR are acting as if it is a done deal and have spent hundreds of millions already. That's money that could have been used for desperately needed municipal water services or something else, if this project is ultimately scrapped.

There should be, not just a full debate on Muskrat Falls, but on other alternatives as well. As far as I am concerned, all work on Muskrat should be suspended immediately! If not, the whole debate will be a sham, as they will obviously have made up their minds to go ahead, no matter what evidence come up to dispute their assertion that it is the least cost option.