Wednesday, April 4, 2012


James McLeod  Tweet Image

Stolen from James McLeod  Tweet

For details on the Renewal 2012, visit the Liberal Party of NL Webpage


Anonymous said...

Connecting with you...Well, looking at the pictures Renewal tour 2012, it is going to take more than what is shown there. With what they got going there they will probably occupy 3rd party next time around.

Wm. Murphy said...

This is a great initiative...good on them for taking the steps to reinvigorate the Party...I hope it works out for them. I really do!

Didn't see Sir Robert Bond in the pictures...what's up with that??

Peter L. Whittle said...

Me too, It is a good approach. Starting to re-connect and organize now bodes well for the future.

Anonymous said...


I was on an executive with you in Port Aux Basque before Clyde Wells was leader and Noreen was the candidate. It is really encouraging to learn that the Liberal Party is getting its act together. We are retired out in Corner Brook which is prime for a liberal revival. I hope to see the party of the common person in power again after the next election. I expect you will get off your butt and run. Do not dwell on the past, we all gotta work together to beat this crowd.


Anonymous said...

judging by the pictures they should be calling this the Liberal re-cycling program. Same old faces with a few staffers and their friends thrown in for good measure.

Peter L. Whittle said...

I am delighted that the party is doing soothing and hope this is the start of momentum for change but my days of being a partisan are over. Too much selling your soul for what. Give me a team of people with similar objectives and a promise to have it all done in two terms, and perhaps I might think about it!

David Mcmanus said...

They really need some professional communications advice. A plain black backdrop and only people in the front row smiling does not give a sense of good things ahead.

Someone needs to tell Siobhan Coady that the above the knee skirt while sitting in the front row is not a good image for her.

Hopefully Dean MacDonald will infuse some badly needed cash into the Party and find a way to pay down the 9 year old debt.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Mr McMamus comments.Coady lost her seat in Ottawa. Alward could not win his. MacDonald does not come across as a leader, would put him in the same category as Ball. My opinion until they come up with a charismatic leader they might as well forget it.