Monday, April 23, 2012


The Wildrose is set to win a majority in Alberta tonight!

There is enough excitement and momentum for change to stauncher Conservatism in the province that voter turnout may even exceed the 40% that bothered to cast a ballot last in the last provincial election.

An entrenchment of stauncher conservatism in Canada's most prosperous province, the home of Reform/Conservative Party of Canada does not excite me. It just re-reflects the growing ideological fault lines in this country.

The elite P.C. club may be going down for the count but what follows? Will the Wildrose govern with the same promise of of dialogue, openness and accountability that this uber social media campaign has promised?

What happens when the straw man - the PC party is gone, and they have to govern. How will the people's champion handle medicare, social programs and more divisive issues like abortion.

Time will tell but the role of the upstart  party's direct democracy mechanisms will be very interesting to watch.

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