Wednesday, April 11, 2012


What is going on? Hockey is Canada's national past-time. We invented the game, yet when the play-offs begin tonight only two Canadian team will be lacing up their skates. The other teams will be out

I did not realize how badly Canadian teams performed this season until Liam told me last night that the Montreal Canadians did not make the play-offs. Not possible, I said!

Only the Ottawa Senators and the Vancouver Canucks are advancing after the regular season. The Habs, Leafs, Oilers, Jets and the Flames burned out!

Sure, even Leaf fans do not expect much, but Habs ending the season in third-last place!  What the hell?

To add insult to injury,  we make up just one-fifth of the league, but Canadian teams provide the league with one-third of it's total revenues. Our fans support a revenue-sharing plan that subsidizes American franchises. I know it is a monopoly and free market demands to not apply, but I can not help but think more Canadian teams in hockey starved cities would equate to a stronger presence come play-off time.

The Chicago, Detroit and Boston fans in my house are please.

Why do  rabid Canadian hockey fans accept such dismal results?  Their loyalty demands better results.

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