Friday, April 27, 2012


I love dogs but in recent years, cats have become my best friends. Outside of the occasional hair ball and cleaning the litter box, they are not a lot of work.

 Dogs on the other hand have to be walked, groomed, you have to let them out more and clean-up after them.

That said, dogs seem a lot more compassionate. Cats are independent, they tend to be the boss and have high expectations. They are affectionate when they want to be.

I suppose the merits of both could be argued back and forth. The point of this post was to mention "Hong Dong". He is an 11-month-old Red Tibetan Mastiff who is worth more than his weight in gold. The 180lb canine is already three-feet-high at the shoulder.

His owner is a Chinese coal baron.

At $1.6 million dollars, he is the most expensive dog in the world. The breed has become highly-prized status symbols in China. The dogs are rarely found outside Tibet, giving them an exclusivity that other breeds cannot match.

Legend has it that both Genghis Khan and Lord Buddha kept them.

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