Thursday, April 12, 2012


The Mega Atom 2012 Provincial Tournament is underway at Twin Rinks here in St. Johns.

Twenty teams from across the province, including three from Labrador began competing this morning.

We are going to be up to our eyes in hockey for the next three days. As part of the organizing committee, I am liaison for the teams, organized and printed the booklet and I'll be a gopher. As usual, it means my job is to put out fires. A role

The excitement of the players, fans, parent and grand parents is something else. It sure shows that for many of us s hockey is more than a sport – it's a way of life. A year of improving stick handling skills and  trying to skate with a little more speed has prepared them for a weekend of fun and new friends.

Hockey parents spend every spare moment shuffling their children to and from the rink for every practice and game.The tournament marks the end of another hockey season - more family time for us until soccer kicks in.

Just to complicate matters, Aidan has a swimming tournament this weekend as well.  I could certainly use a cloning machine!

I am some glad mom and dad are coming this way!

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