Monday, April 30, 2012


Tely Story
They may not have been swinging from the rafters out in Upper Island Cove on Saturday night, but liberals came out in droves to take in key note speaker, St. John's businessman, and Liberal White Knight, Dean MacDonald.

Dynamic new leaders are tall orders. It is hard to think of anyone more dynamic than Dean for leader of the Liberal Party, he certainly has some remarkable credentials for the job. 

He is a decent, independent, and successful straight shooter who never seems to shy away from an issue or hesitates to express his opinion.

He has a passion for this province and its future. From all reports, he shared that passion on Saturday night proving that he has the vision and substance needed to put forward an alternative to the governing Progressive Conservatives. He offered a frank assessment of the party and what it needs to do in order to attract voter support.

Macdonald spoke about renewal and reconnecting. In what I am told was a humble and sincere speech, he challenged the party to get back to it’s roots,  to offer an alternative to the arrogance of the current administration. His speech ended with an overcapacity crowd jumping to their feet.

It is certain that if MacDonald becomes boss, he wants to take the party in a different direction. In fact, he has shown his independence by offering an opinion that some in the party feel is contrary to caucus position on the development of the Lower Churchill.

The former Chair of Hydro, for both Liberal and PC Governments, is a  long time advocate of the Maritime sub-sea route. He has denounced the PUB non-decision, and the current administration for sending the project to the PUB in the first place, citing internal biases from former hydro employees and a lack of expertise. 

 During last fall's election, Opposition Liberals called on the government to put a hold on the project until independent international experts could review the proposal.

MacDonald has apparently won a few converts to his way of thinking about the project.

He fell short of declaring his intention to seek the Liberal Leadership when a leadership is called, but there is no doubt that he is in the exploration phase. Over the past few years fundraising events at his home, for the young liberals and other venues are always packed to capacity.

 He is seen as the person best able to retire the debt, breathe new life into the party and attract fresh candidates  to support the party in this period of Progressive Conservative domination.

MacDonald is part of a Liberal Renewal Committee that is touring the province strengthening the grassroots  on the road  to rebuilding,  consulting, enhancing the party policy platform, ramping up fund-raising and membership efforts, and modernizing and Party structure.

Ironically,  the Port De Grave District, a past bastion of Liberal support, is now represented by Progressive Conservative. Glen Littlejohn.

These are good signs for a wilting Liberal Party that has been desperate for renewal, nourishment and resurgence


Anonymous said...

Another Danny! Or even worse, a Danny puppet.

Only the most self-serving loaths could back this man for leader.

Anonymous said...

well....there is always Bern Coffey!