Monday, April 16, 2012


Flashback to those  slick marketing ads by Apple poking fun at PC for catching so many viruses!

It seems that the folks at Apple are eating some humble apple pie after OS X was forced to release a software update to combat a virulent trojan called Flashback!

A virus on my Mac - say it is not true!

It was, is, inevitable.

Apparently Flashback is a known threat. Oracle notified Microsoft and Apple about it in late January.  The company released a quick fix for windows machines but Apple failed to act until last week!

The delay has attracted sharp criticism from security experts. Kaspersky Lab, a major anti-virus firm, condemned it as a “bad decision” on Apple’s part that exposed users to the threat from Flashback which is technically not a viru but an exploit!

The virus steals victims’ usernames and passwords for online banking by exploiting vulnerabilities in the Java Runtime Environment.

Over half a million Macs were under the control of the virus last week. 100,000 of them were Canadian. Symantec says that since the outbreak was publicized the number has been cut to fewer than 270,000.

The popularity of Apple machines and software has made it a target for increased greater threats from computer viruses.  Cyber criminals have successfully taken advantage of Apple users false security promises.

I will be following this story closely to see what damage Flashback has done! Of course, folks you allow these exploits in by using dodgy websites and installing dodgy software. Cyber punks count on incompetence and ignorance.

A suggestion, try  Avast, the leading virus software is free and works awesomely.

Speaking of flashbacks!

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