Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I am not a huge fan of the invasive security procedures that the traveling public are forced to endure when we pass through airports in Canada and the Unites States.  It is a lot like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. However, we have the security of knowing that no more horses will be slipping by.

From time to time we hear stories of collective stupidity on the part of  those empowered to keep us safe.

Up until the Mandi Hamlin farce, the TSA  felt up dozens of women, forcing them to take off their shirts in public while a female TSA agent felt all around the bra.  Enough complaints rolled in that  boobs were excluded from the pat-down. Hamlin was just trying to grab a flight from Lubbock, TX. She made it through the main security scanners and her various metal piercings hadn't set off any alarms. When she was wanded by a security employee metal nipple rings were discovered. Security  figured that the metal nipple rings were there to disguise a boob bomb. One came out easy enough  but the other had to be removed using pliers. Hamlin said the procedure was carried behind a screen, while agents stood nearby laughing at her.

Than there is the no-fly list. All airline passenger lists are compared against names on the list. The problem is that, as it turns out, sometimes more than one person in the world shares the same name.  The entire no-fly list is founded on the idea that terrorists are stupid enough to fly using their own names! In meantime, thousands of passengers have been yanked off flights because they share the same name with a suspected terrorist!

Take Matthew Gardner who was singled out and hauled out of the line because somebody with that name showed up on a federal Most Wanted list. It seems that security thought the five year old could have been the same man that shot six people during a bank robbery in Reno.

Than there are the hundreds of people that have missed flights because their one year old babies passport or other documentation needs to be confirmed. Have you seen the video of the airport security agent pawing at an acutely distressed three-year-old girl who’s screaming at the agent. Those flying shit bombs could be mini-terrorists.

The examples of, well, pure unmitigated stupidly are easy to find. Do a Google and one can easily understand the frustration facing the flying public, which gets me to the point of this post. John Brennan, 49, was busted after he stripped naked to protest airport security screening

The frequent flier from Portland had been screened, denied he was carrying any contraband—but still missed his flight.  He got pulled aside for "extra security measures". As he stripped to his birthday suit, he said "Do I have anything illegal? Am I good to go through now?"

His reward for protesting airport security harassment, he has been charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct!

My hat is off to the guy who obviously was boiling indignation! I want to be safe but I wonder about the judgement of these rent-a-cop sociopathic security monkeys  who feel they can bomb us with radiation pick at our private areas for no good reason other than that they can!

Folks, we have to stop being sheep!

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