Tuesday, April 10, 2012


NDP Leader Thomas is not about to become the victim of the perpetual Conservative smear campaign that savaged previous leaders of the Official Opposition.

While the Federal Liberals are fighting for air-time, print space and relativity, Mulcair is shaping is party into a government in waiting. A big part of that strategy is defining the leader. Tonight television ads (defining) introducing Mulcair to Canadians will air on American Idol, The Good Wife and Hockey Night in Canada!

The NDP are targeting the expensive prime time slots to beam their new leader into your household before the Conservative dirty tricks team attempts to eviscerate Mulcair's reputation as it has done with great success with Liberal leaders Paul Martin, Stephane Dion, Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff.

The New Democrats will be pushing a strong, united, progressive party that is confident about it's future. The ads for English and French Canada will differ. The main theme appears to be that unlike Stephen Harper, Tom (not Thomas) Mulcair will fight for you.”

The widow of former leader Jack Layton stars in the ads. The Globe & Mail reports that she says "Jack's vision is in good hands." Olivia Chow is a member of Mulcair's NDP caucus. 

The Liberals have offered a renewal video for the internet that is dependent on social networking applications to spread the message. The NDP, still bouncing from the good winds of a clean leadership have money at their disposal.

This proactive approach is smart politics.

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