Monday, April 2, 2012


The Board concludes that the information provided 
by Nalcor in the review is not detailed, complete or 
current enough to determine whether the Interconnected 
Option represents the least-cost option for the supply 
of power to Island Interconnected customers over the
 period of 2011-2067, as compared to the Isolated Island


The Public Utility Board has scorned Jadis, The White Witch, by refusing to eat her Turkish Delight.

The strain, anger and frustration was evident, as the veteran legislator Premier Dunderdale reeled from blows delivered by the rookie MHA for Burgeo-Lapoile, Andrew Parsons. The carefully manipulated plan to force Muskrat Falls though decision gate three has been foiled.

The government's carefully choreographed communications plan, the ring-fencing to produce a desired outcome, has been for naught. The Public Utility Board has basically said, garbage in, garbage out! They are not convinced by the Nalcor directed data used by  Navigant, Manitoba Hydro International and the Consumer advocate that the current proposal is the best option for consumers in this province.

I guess Brian Peckford, Cabot Martin, David Vardy, Kevin Aylward, Tom Adams, Ron Penny, the Joint Federl-Provincial Environmental Process and other critics who demanded more study of other options, are not wrong, after all. 

So, now, after months of refusing to debate the merits of the project in the House of Assembly, the Premier is telling the opposition she will allow a debate. The government will say they are doing so to facilitate democratic discourse. In fact, it will be about using a strong Progressive Conservative Majority to ram an unpopular Muskrat Falls deal down our throats.

The government is also going to commission studies on natural gas and wind energy.

Frankly, the ineptitude in not having this information available and aspart of the original discussion shows how seriously amateur is the government's approach to the growing lack of confidence in this project.

Jadis is not happy and there is nothing that Ginarrbrik can do to help her.


Anonymous said...

I can not get over the feeling this whole Muskrat Falls push is little more than a way to put hundreds of millions of dollars into to pockets of lobbyists, engineers, lawyers and consultants. Not one shovel in the ground and almost a billion dollars spent. God, I hate being such a cynic.

Anonymous said...


This is an issue of their own creation. These gaps referenced by the PUB (other options) are a fundamental component of a proper screening study. These studies which the government are now commissioning should have been completed prior to the gate 2 decision. this is many months, and many dollars ago.

This is an emerging scandal for this government. The amount of money which has been spent on muskrat falls is staggering.

The opposition should request that all non essential work be stopped until a full quantitative screening study is completed.

last week you had a post comparing this to sprung....

This is sprung squared.... Figuratively and within a couple of months literally.

Cyril Rogers said...

Peter, it is both sad and frustrating to see the Premier spinning in the wind. She has been hoist on her own petard! They got what they deserved but, unfortunately, have not learnt a thing.

Listening to Dr. Bruneau offer his expertise for free and demonstrate an obvious knowledge of various alternatives, not just gas, makes me angry that these insecure people can't accept that there may be other options. These incompetent and arrogant politicans are simply going along blindly with a plan that has no real benefits for us and risks plunging us into a financial nightmare.

The Premier was her usual petulant self when she didn't get a good report card but, instead of accepting any responsibility for this debacle, she chastized the PUB for simply doing their job. She and her administration are incompetence personified and none of her colleagues have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and be counted.

McManus said...

She really does not possess what it takes to be a leader. A wise leader surrounds his or her self with knowledgeable people to provide guidance and help.

Jay L said...

I'd hardly call the Premier's response "reeling". Parsons is a rookie lightweight, who I am sure will grow into a fiery political figure. But yesterday, it wasn't there.

Of course this bomb drop from the Premier was expertly timed to fall on the day the Joint Leaders of The Opposition were up in Canada for a news conference.

QP didn't even get started til The Leader of the Third Party took over. The Acting Opposition House Leader didn't do as well as hoped... which I am sure was what was planned by the PCs.

Parsons stuck so tightly to his script that he ended up asking questions that had already been answered, and tried to spin the PUB report into something it wasn't. He couldn't adapt to what was certainly a couple of unexpected announcements from the Premier.

The Premier, very unfortunately, wiped up the floor with him.

Wm. Murphy said...

Yes Jay the Premier wiped the floor with him and of course this bomb drop from the Premier was expertly timed to fall on the day the Joint Leaders of The Opposition were up in Canada for a news conference.

Ya sure it was.....

Don't forget the whole world knew that the PUB was to have the Report issued by April 1st. This was not a surprise announcement...this was expected three months ago and reinforced when the PUB asked for an extension.

It appears that the Opp forgot to buy a calendar to remind them that the Report would be available when the House opened after April 1st.

Not quite sure if that's worse than flip flop Dunderdale

Jay L said...

The surprise announcement was that of the full MF debate and that of a commissioned study on gas from Ziff Energy. That's what was clearly timed to fall on the day the Liberals were out of town.

The PUB report deadline was well known, but that's not what I was talking about.

Wm. Murphy said...

"Of course this bomb drop from the Premier was expertly timed to fall on the day the Joint Leaders of The Opposition were up in Canada for a news conference."

Apologies.... I thought this quote was from you??