Monday, April 23, 2012


I would like to point you towards a stimulating article by Jon Bittner for Forbes. He points out an issue that economists and policy makers should be addressing that has  rarely been discussed in public, let alone quantified.

It is  a Billion dollar problem of thing that go bump in the night. He figures it would cost  $1.1-1.9 billion per year to solve the the loud sex problem which has had an impact on the US rental and housing market.

He has even provided a Noisy Neighbors calculator.  He says that  disturbances can drive families out of cities, putting pressure on public transportation and congesting highways. These disturbances can range from sirens, talking, parties, to Thumping and loud sex. The impact of which on people's sleep patterns impacts productivity in the day time.

Bittener thinks there is a market for people who would like quiet choices in housing and other accommodations. Thicker walls, better construction, a noise database..he has solutions.

 I have to admit, there has been a few times when we have traveled and the folks in the room have been a little gregorius in their lovemaking leading to some questions from the boys and louder televisions on our side. I know I can book a non-smoking room, double, single beds but how am I assured a no frolicking in the night next door room?

I do recall one embarrassing moment,  in my early married life, when a chain smoking neighbor from across the street suggested that we might want to close the windows to our bedroom at night!

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