Friday, April 20, 2012


It is a big day for sci-fi geeks in the province.

The sixth annual Sci-fi on the Rock begins today and runs until Sunday at the Holiday Inn.

The convention is dedicated to anime, manga, comics, TV shows, video games, science fiction and fantasy

As much as I love some Science Fiction, I am not one to attend these conventions. Although if an author like George RR Martin or Jack Whyte were to attend that would change real quick. As a board gamer, occasional comic reader, sci-fi reader and viewer, it is a little strange that I have not attended.

There is one actor making an appearance that I have watched on a couple of series. Richard Hatch played a different central figure in both the original Battle Star Galactica and the latest "greatest re-incarnation".

As a kid I remember being allowed to stay up after my Sunday bath to watch Battle Stat Galactica on a snow black and white screen. Hatch played Commander Captain Apollo, son of Commander Adama. He was an ace pilot. More than once I dreamed off shooting out of the Galactica's launcg bays in a viper just like Apollo

When the series was rebooted in 2004, Hatch came back, playing the role of Tom Zarek, a trouble making politician.

So if you see people running around dressed as characters from anime, video games and sci fi shows, it is not Halloween - the geeks have been let out of their cages.

 The largest event for cosplayers outside Asia is the annual San Diego Comic-Con. The biggest event in the UK is the London MCM Expo at ExCeL London.

If you miss the cos-play this weekend there is another event, May 1st is Wear Cosplay to Starbuckz Day

Perhaps the cos-play alone might make a visit worthwhile!

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