Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The Official Opposition National New Democrats are coming to the aid of their third party cousins on the rock while Third Party Liberal Justin Trudeau is coming to town to raise some badly needed cash for the Official Opposition Liberals.

It will cost you $150.00 a ticket to hear freshly minted Official Opposition NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair on May 12th.

The cash hungry Liberals want $250 a plate for Justin Trudeau on May 02, at the Delta. Tables will cost $2500. The Platinum package will sell for $3500 which includes dinner for ten, a VIP reception before dinner, photograph with Justin and corporate sponsorship.

I saw a Tweet from a Liberal yesterday encouraging people to purchase Trudeau tickets now because they are running out!

I have a couple of questions. One for Thomas  Mulcair, how can he ask Canadians to accept him as Prime Minister if hates the Charter? As David Atkin asked  today, "Why does he think the Constitution Act “is still unacceptable for Quebec?”

The other, who will be leader at the Trudeau event, Jones or Ball?

I figure it is time to start counting my pennies, I need 40,000 of them to attend both diners.

These will be two really good speeches from two people who will undoubtedly be offering themselves as Alternatives to the Conservatives. Both men will also be shaping their respective  parties vision and policies over the next three years.

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Anonymous said...

The answer to the question is JONES. Regardless who the Liberals appoint as leader she will never let go of the reigns.