Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The gaming console wars have been fairly quiet as of late. The X-Box 360 and the Playstation 3 have become slimmer, and both moved into a new era of controllers with Kinect and Move.

However, one can not help be curious about the next generation of consoles. How far off are they? What will be under the hood? How expensive will they be.

The so called seventh generation of consoles began in 2004. The eight generation consoles are expected in 2012  and 2013. The big three, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are ratcheting up as the gaming console rumors. swirl. There is a lot at stake for the companies. The first one out of the gate could have the upper-hand over competitors.

The king at the moment is Microsoft's X-Box 360 which usurped Sony Playstation 2. The X-Box got the jump on the Playstation 3 and Sony never caught up.

In the battle of the eight generation gaming console, Sony says it will be the first in stores. The company is smarting from a number of customer foul-ups. There was the leak of personal account info and the repeated collapse of the companies free on-line game matching service. I was never hot on the ice cream cone "move" controllers.

Sony may see the X-Box 720 "Durango" as the competition, but they might want to keep an eye on Nintendo who are rumored to be ready to launch their new Wii U soon. The new model will have the power of the X-Box 360/ PlayStation 3. It may sound dated but it would be very premature to write the new Wii off! Look at the success that Nintendo has enjoyed with it's original market.

If Nintendo is able to get the U into stores for the 2012 Christmas season, it will beat Sony and Microsoft by a year. That is quite a head start.

One report on the new X-Box indicated that at it's core will be a 16-core IBM Power PC CPU! WTF! Really that is a lot of power for a gaming machine!

Can you image the resolutions and graphics that these eight generation consoles are going to be able to pump out? I can't wait to see and experience the games designed for them.

I wonder if I will have to install a new amp service box to accommodate all that power?

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