Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get a good deal on an Apple Computer, iPad, iPhone or an iPod?

Wherever you go the price is the same, unless you qualify for an educational discount!  Apple manufactures the gear and the jealously protect the pricing scheme.

The American Justice Department is questioning an alleged conspiracy by Apple and five of the US' biggest book publishers over allegations that they conspired to fix the price of e-books ahead of the iPad's launch.

The Wall Street Journal reports that they wanted to  drive up prices, which had settled at around $9.99 on Amazon, and to limit Amazon's ability to discount them. The suit claims that customers paid "tens of millions of dollars more for e-books than they otherwise would have paid"

A settlement is expected which means a sure drop in the prices of e-books.

Which leads me to a question about newspapers. I have an e-subscription to a couple of papers. The price is the same as it is for the paper edition - what gives? There is no cost of delivery, and no cost for printing (it is a digital image). Sure the reporters and staff still have to be paid, but the costs associated with paper, ink and delivery are not there. Why am I not getting a break on the cost?


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Anonymous said...

Most of the eBooks I've considered purchasing in the last couple of months have been less than a dollar cheaper than the print edition

Absolute price gouging