Friday, April 27, 2012


My head came to stiff attention when I saw the headline that the Department of Defense was going to halt distributing free Viagra to the troops and cancel  transgender medical procedures for members of the military!

WTF! What the heck are we doing using defense dollars  to pay for transgender medical procedures. Do we have an army of Klingers? The value of both programs is in the millions. Don't they have drug programs to cover the cost of medicine? Let them claim it through their medical  insurance like one would for insulin, anti-biotics or anxiety meds.

I think it is one thing  to ensure that gay and lesbian members can serve openly without fear of reprisal, but why is the military paying for transgender medical procedures!

Our troops were  limited to six of the little blue pills a month — at a cost of between $15 and $22 per pill. The purpose, to ensure they were battle hardened. One would not want to get into battle without an erection! Are vibrators considered necessary for female troops!

Hold the presses...on this one, I support the Conservatives. 

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