Tuesday, April 3, 2012


City Council rules, regulations and fines should live large on your mind today.

With April comes higher fines and a reminder to cover your garbage!

I forgot all about the curbside garbage rule. I was getting ready to bring Liam to Mary Queen of Peace when I noted that most folks along Newfoundland Drive were using nets again.  Mine was buried under  that last snow fall, which I could have ignored- last week. Rather than chance a fine, I chipped the ice away to find the net!

Fines for expired parking meter violations also increased yesterday. I really have issues with that, Christ, it is like gouging for low hanging fruit! Sure there should be a fine for not feeding the meter but $25, that is just not necessary!  The city expects to gouge an additional $33,000 per month out of people.

If the city wants to gouge someone, implement a poll tax. Have every person who works in the city pay an annual fee for the privilege.  At least than those living outside the City will be contributing to the cost of the maintaining the infrastructure!

Gouge they will. Every year at vehicle registration time, Kris and I have a spat about unpaid overdue meter fines. I am the villain, most of the time. Finding parking spots down down is one thing, putting enough change in the meter to cover am extended meeting is always a challenge. Two hour parking limits and higher should really go a long way in attracting more people to the downtown core.

A suggestion, pick up a meter card and never be stuck for change again! 

The huge fines for parking in disabled spots, right on! Top Corner! Way to go! Stick the bastards as hard as you can.

I do not know about you, but I often overpay but on occasion I come back to find a ticket sitting on the windshield! I also have a habit of sticking change into other people's meters as the timer winds-up.

Pay it forward if you can or just ignore the downtown!

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