Thursday, April 12, 2012


Drunks can be ignorant, loud and act pretty stupid.

Folks that are just tipsy may actually have improved cognitive functions, says a group of  researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Think of the bar flies that just rock when it comes to trivia and discussions. The stereotypical Cliff & Norm types!

They put a group of 40 men together, fed half of them beer and got them to compete in a game in which they were given three words, and asked to come up with a fourth that fit the pattern.

The guys with the beer in them performed better solving 40% more problems and arriving at their answers  3.5 times quicker.

Forget the iPad!

Give me some Guinness.

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John Hearn said...

Brings new meaning to the marketing campaign, "Guinness is good for you"