Monday, April 16, 2012


For me, it is always barbeque season!

That said, the barby is out of the shed and back on the deck! The real barbeque season has begun. No gloves or winter coat. Just fun grilling with a drink in my hand! Pork, salmon, veggies, steak, ribs! Summer salads! I have moved away from the larger portions of red meat, but it is far from being banned! I may even try to grill some tofu this year.

Speaking of red meats, did you catch the story about a Brazilian man, his wife and his mistress that have been arrested for suspected cannibalism. Police say the trio killed at least two women, ate part of their bodies, and made the rest into meat pies which they sold in their small town in northeast Brazil.

Jorge Beltrao Negroponte, 51, admitted in a television interview yesterday that he listened to the voice in his head ordering him to eat parts of the women to "purify them,"

Police  believe  the trio may have murdered as many as 10 women. The suspects wife was known in town for her meat pies, which she sold to schools, hospitals and neighbors.

B.C. serial killer Willie Pickton  fed his victims to his pigs. He may have combined human flesh with ground pork from his farm, and later given it out to friends and visitors to the farm.

Cannibalism is featured in hit video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as the player has the option to join a group of cannibals in eating someone.One of the Daedra Artifact that you can find in Skyrim is the Ring of Namira, in which it allows you to learn cannibalism and eat human flesh.

While eating a human flesh might sound nasty, it does however give you a slight advantage. Instead of using Health Potion to heal your HP, you can easily eat a human flesh to restore your HP and Stamina. Also, by eating a human flesh, you’ll get a slight increase in Health and Stamina aside from restoring it.

Vampirism was a major element in the last Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion, where you could become a vampire either by choice or accident, and consequently had to avoid sunlight and feed on victims regularly. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are even more extremely examples, and featured health regeneration for those who acquired a fine taste for “strange meat”, and included vendors who sold human flesh at a bargain price

Raunchy stuff!

Here is a link to some contemporary cannibals who eat human flesh by choice.

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