Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It is a miserable wet day in the capital.

However, it is Spring and I prefer April showers to April snowstorms!

The weekend dumping of snow is taking quite a hit today.  Lets hope we have seen the last of old man Winter! Wishful thinking you say, after all we had snow on the May 24th weekend last year.

I am hankering at the bit to get my lawns limed, clean-up and raked. To get my hands dirty cleaning-up the flower gardens and begin eating supper outdoors on the back deck. The smell of the barbeque, reading by the glow of the fire pit and falling asleep under the stars.

While my Tulips are certain to pop up soon, the province's budget is going to be late this year. Finance Minister Tom Marshall told the House of Assembly yesterday that he would present the budget on April 24.

The government is taking stock of the economic climate to rein in spending and cut debt in the anticipation of  two years of predicted deficits. Marshall predicted deficits of about $400 million for 2012-13 and $211 million in 2013-14. Two of the province's three oil fields will stop producing for up to six months as the Terra Nova and White Rose FPSOs are dry docked for much needed repairs.

So, despite the freezing rain and impending lay-offs, I am looking forward to gradual rise in daily temperatures, the slow disappearance of snow and ice, the occasional silver/glittery morning, icebergs as the protracted and erratic "Spring" in Newfoundland takes hold.

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