Monday, March 5, 2012


"why it is we so often find it difficult to trust
 the people we elect to act in a sensible, 
democratic fashion, to take the high road, 
to never use their powers to stifle debate"


If your wondering what all the suits are doing at the breakfast buffet's this morning, they are not attending a convention!

The House of Assembly re-opens today with the Speech From The Throne.

It might be Lt.-Gov. John Crosbie last opportunity to read, verbatim, the speech written by the Premier's communication wizards to kick off the first session in the legislature since  Premier Dunderdale won her own mandate  five months ago!

Rumor has it that  John's replacement will be Susan Knight,  C.M., O.N.L., R.N., B. Mus., B. Mus. Ed., MA.M.E., L.L.D. More on that at another time.

What can we expect? John will read it in a monotone voice that will nearly sedate all in attendance. The content will not differ much from the Premier's recent speech to the  Board Of Trade. Responsible spending, restraint, good investments and Nalcor will dominate the themes.

I doubt there will be much of a commitment to democratic reform as the government obviously holds democracy, the legislature, the opposition and any one who does  not see policy through Progressive Conservative lenses, in contempt.

The P.C's will be facing an energized opposition that has grown from 5 to 11. I am really looking forward to watching how the dynamics work in this session. There are promises from the NDP that they want to change the decorum in the house. That should be interesting to watch as the bleacher creatures on the government benches have been needling the NDP critics on Twitter for weeks!

The Leader of the Opposition is new to the role. He has been in the Assembly before, but never as a leader. There is also a new speaker. Liberal turn-coat Ross Wiseman no longer has a department, but his pay did not take a hit. The Progressive Conservative MHA will determine the decorum and pace in the legislature.  It will be amusing to watch this partisan animal play the role of zoo keeper. One can only hope that he will be fairer than his biased predecessor.

Another exciting prospect, with the return to the House, the committee system, as bad as it is, will be reconstituted. Alas the Public Accounts Committee can get down to business.  I think the inquisitorial nature of the newly minted chair, Daniel's Harbor native, Jim Bennett, should  make this the most effective PAC since Chris Decker and Beaton Tulk harassed the Peckford government!

By the end of this week we should have a good feel for the cut of the oppositions gib. The big question for this public servant, how do I utilize flex time to get to question period?


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