Sunday, March 4, 2012


A wicked weekend full of basketball, hockey and sacramental preparation. The kids are finally all down for the night, Kristine is preparing report cards, while I sip on a couple of fingers of Jamesons and try and catch up on the weekend news.

Saturday was a blur of hockey and basketball. Aidan's team managed to make the cross-overs. Liam and Conor's regular hockey went well but the highlight was Liam's first All-Star game against Northeast Avalon. That game and Aidan's final game on Saturday evening were scheduled for the same time. I went to Leary's Brook and Kristine went to the rink. Liam's team won. I wish I could have been there.

Aidan's cross-over game  in the Provincial "A" Grade Seven Basketball began at 8:00.a.m.  It was a tough game. St. Paul's was up against the St. Peter's Pythons. This team is a talented powerhouse that pretty much rolled over St. Paul's this morning. The cause was not helped when one of our top players broke his angle after scoring  his second basket.

Kristine took the other two to their hockey games and we all rushed  to mass which was followed by two hours of sacramental preparation.  My role in the denominational education debate in the 90's has come back to glare at me. We have four focus groups, each Sunday up to Easter Sunday. I have three boys seeking the gifts of First Communion, Confirmation and Reconciliation. It must have been so much easier when the majority of the preparation was done in school.

A final hockey game at 6:00, some reading, showers, prayers and lights out. It is so quiet here now. No pushing, shoving, teasing or refrigerator raids. Seriously, we could keep a small dairy in business! I just don't have the inclination to face the clutter of dirty dishes, laundry and cleaning!

Speaking of thirst quenchers, My glass needs a refill of Jamesons, my favorite of the Irish Whiskeys. That said you would not have to twist my arm very hard to convince me to have Bushmills Black Bush or a Michael Collins single Malt. Powers and Tullamore Dew are great as well.

 I like  the roundly sweet, honey-ish nose and fruity taste, that leave no doubt about the innate Irishness of these blends. That said, many of the top Irish whiskeys are just as good as single-malt scotches. It's too bad more people aren't aware of how complex some of these whiskeys have become

Anyways, a post on the best  Irish Whiskey and perhaps a comparison of Irish vs Scotch, will ahve to wait for another day.

I got some reading to do and some posts to schedule for Monday.

 Llaan agg-us ban-ocked latt!

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