Saturday, March 17, 2012


Maj.-Gen. Hugh Tudor, the infamous commander of the  Black and Tans, is a the focus of a new book of fictional history and an audio feature from Newfoundland documentary maker Chris Brookes. 

Tudor retired to St. Johns after his tyranny of terror came to an end after the Irish War of Independence. A marked man hiding in the empires most Irish enclave! Yet, he lived a quiet normal live in the colony and is buried here.

Rumor has it that the IRA found him here and planned to assassinate him but an RC Catholic Priest dissuaded them from taking revenge. It is also said that he always carried a pistol and brass knuckles for defense.

A Bullet for The General is a special radio documentary which features today on CBC's The Performance Hour. Chris Brookes looks at the life and times of one of the most British figures of the Irish Civil War and his connection to Newfoundland and Labrador. It promises to to a very interesting St. Paddy's Day treat.

It airs on Radio one at 5:35 NT.

As well, Terry Hynes debut novel, "Tudor's Dark Legacy" will be officially released today in Renews as part of  Renews-Cappahayden Cultural Days at he Regina Mundi Cultural Centre.

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michael Boyle said...

2012 has seen a surge of interest in the General Tudor story with rhe radio documentary by Chris Brookes and the recent novel by Terry Hynes.
In May 2012 I will be giving a lecture on Sir. Hugh Tudor.
See my web site soon for complete details.
michael Boyle.