Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It feels like the calm before the storm today, both environmentally and as a member of the public service.

It is day two of a week long training course in service excellence at the Battery Hotel. Today we are examining personality types. The challenge to find your own. Like everything with me it is interesting to see how others perceive me vs how I perceive myself, or how I want to be perceived! Years of therapy could be undone today!

As sure as lost oil revenues mean that their will be re-organization, lay-offs and bumping in the public service, the grey skies and drop in the winds signal a storm is en-route. How big the storm is, how it impacts us is about as big a mystery as the impacts of the program review.

Coffee break is over, time to go back at it!

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Anonymous said...

Ball questioned Dunderdale about the province's fiscal situation and than muskrat and health

NDP leader Michael started off asking about government cuts and the Muskrat Falls project.