Monday, March 12, 2012


I was unable to find the time to get a single game in over the weekend. Not a one!

That said, there was some board game news last week.  Ticket to Ride for the iPad was awarded the 2012 PocketGamer Award for Best Strategy/Simulation Game!

I have Ticket to Ride on my IPAD and I play the on-line version  all the time.  As well, I own the original board game and nearly all the additions. For playing a group at home, the board game is great, but for any other purpose I love the IPAD version. It is a quick play and a great way to spend 15 minutes.

Ticket is dressed to impress. The art is taken straight from the popular board game, as are  player avatars. The sounds effects include a train horn, train crossings and a bustling central station.

Still with Ticket To Ride. I dropped into Downtown Comics last week to look at the new India expansion. I was disappointing that it was bundled with the previously released Swiss map. I have no interest in spending $40 bucks for an expansion I all ready own.

 Ticket to Ride ($6.99) should be the next app for you!

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