Monday, March 5, 2012


The PUB's public sessions on Muskrat have wrapped-up.

The Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities have until the end of this month to submit their final report. I fear that the PUB will be as constrained as the Consumer Advocate and MHI as the government as ensured the terms of reference was all ringfenced.

However, a lot of information was submitted, presented, corrected, modified and re-modified for the hearings, All of it available on-line at the PUB site,

If your inclined to drink from the source, as opposed to the filtered versions, it is a worthwhile use of your time to scan through the data.

The Telegram offers a little Q&A coming out of the sessions. It attempts to answer some of the questions that people are still asking and others that might be settled. If you have not tread the Q&A, it is available on-line and in Saturday's analog edition.

You  make up your mind about the answers.

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