Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We are glued to the radio this morning? Will the winds keep up? Will this late Winter storm shut down the schools, business and government offices?

It is blowing a hurricane out there. The light powdery snow is making visability really difficult. I can speak to road conditions but it looks to be a mess, Blizzard warnings are still up! It is not the kind of weather that I want my kids out in.

Fortunately for me the scramble is not too bad, if schools are canceled. Kristine is a teacher, so she gets they day off with the boys which works out pretty good considering the Confederation Building rarely closes.

My office is at Memorial University, but the closure of MUN means nothing. If the Confederation is opened, so is Student Aid, which means we have to trudge in over the snow banks and through unplowed parking lots.

That said, the only thing worse than a snow day is delayed openings. The work of digging out, getting prepared for work, getting the kids over to three different schools and getting to work is a herculean task.

On top of that I am in the middle of a week of training at the Battery Hotel. I am sure that Barron Signal Hill is going to be a treat this morning. I hope the weather breaks, the course has been a great learning experience and I would hate to see part of it deferred to another week.

So while the boys are throwing ice cubes in the toilet to jinx the weather, I am quietly hoping for the green light.

Next update....please!

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