Friday, March 2, 2012


They are back!

I noticed the iconic Shamrock Shake on the board while picking-up a large orange juice at MacDonald's on the way to work this morning.

The St. Patrick's Day promotion is just a green, minty shake, but has inspired a cultish following

I'm  pumped that the Shamrock shake is back for St. Patrick's 2012.  How could I not be? It's so minty, darn delicious, and the perfect St. Patty's Day treat!

However, these tasty treats are loaded with more than flavor. A Shamrock shake ranks in at a whopping 540 calories in a SMALL!

While I'm no major health foodie, I have been watching my calories of late. To be honest: I don't think that the high-calorie tag here is going to keep me away from this seasonal delectable gem.

Woooo cant wait for my first shamrock shake!!!


Anonymous said...

Calm down it is just a milk shake?

Nancy Crozier said...

Peter, they're so gross!

Peter L. Whittle said...


Love I would much rather be enjoying a glass of wine you guys.

Brian said...

Tradition? whose tradition?

The one St. Patrick's day I spent in Dublin there was not a green beer or Milkshake in sight.
B'jasus your all bleed'n wankers.

Peter L. Whittle said...

Brian I am aghast at your poor understanding of Irish-Nl history. The poor irish tenant farmers orked poor land for little return but those lucky enough to have a cow would mix the milk with a briny ice from the great chilly caves of dungarvan. The unique geology of the cave created this fluorescent green hue that made the cave sparkle allowing the ice makers to see their way. They would care great blocks of ice, wrap them in straw and take them to Dublin for sale. The poor would take the run-off or brine, mix it with custard and stir it. The result would be a tasty, green ice cream which was available up to early april.

The irish brought this fine tradition to North America. ...

Frig off boy, my boys love the it has become a family shakes after e say the stations of the cross....

B'jasas boy your a bleed'n anker :)

Brian said...

Ye didna mention the Leprechauns, who would dance merrily down the rocky shores playing their tin whistles with there intoxicating sound resulting in da poor sod turners dropping everything, following the wee leprechauns and the intoxicating sound of the whistle right up to the cliff edge and tumble over to the rocks below.

Legend has is that the king of the Leprechauns name was Danny Millions.