Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The bloody shagging cold, flu or whatever you want to brand it!

I had a really bad dose of some bug a few months back, loosing a few days of work in the bargain. To put things in perspective, my work place is a little congested. If someone picks up a bug it is not too hard to imagine we all get to share it. I also deal with the public a great deal, so what ever is making the rounds just swings on in! Add to that my wife is a teacher, three kids in three different schools and a dozen different programs!

I drink lots of OJ, take my vitamins, walk..all to no avail!

One would think that this blogger would have build up an incredible immune system that would push every invader away! I should never be sick. Instead of the Great Wall of China my pathetic excuse for a immune system is like the Maginot Line. Useless!

I have punched two miserable days, runny nose, congested head, sweats, sneezing and now a rough cough. I really do not wish to call in sick yet again for a man cold. Advil, cough medicine and halls are only masking the misery.

As much as we are told by public officials to wash our hands, how to cough and to stay home when sick - you do not want to get a reputation for being off all the time. In most instances though, taking a few days  to recuperate and get well means I am  back on my  feet sooner.

In fairness to my colleagues, half of whom are already sniffling,  I would prefer to not be here spreading disease with every sneeze or cough into my arm!

One thing is for certain, I am not alone. It seems half the city has this.

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Nancy said...

Makes me glad you're on an island...