Tuesday, March 27, 2012


U.S. President Barack Obama proved to the world yesterday that campaigns are all some and mirrors, that he himself is full of shit when it comes to Nuclear Security!

The President of the United States was caught on tape asking the outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to play nice in the lead up to this fall's presidential campaign. Obama was overheard assuring Medvedev on that he would have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious arms-control issues after the Nov. that he needed "space" until than.

I am disgusted. Think about this is an old cold war enemy, a nation that has been trying to regain it's old glory by supporting regimes like those in Syria and Iran. What about incoming  Russian president Vladimir Putin, who takes over at the Kremlin in May? Imagine owing that dictator a "favor". What message does this send out to America's allies.

Russia wants a legally binding pledge from the United States that Russia’s nuclear forces would not be targeted by the system and joint control of how it is used

I can not help but wonder if Obama has broadcast a message to the world that the United States government is paralyzed, that it can not find the unity it needs to address global sociopolitical issues.

Obama and the White House have stood by the comments saying said the fact that both countries were going through elections this year meant a “breakthrough” in negotiations on the matter was not going to happen.

I doubt either one of them had planned on saying that before the slip!

In will certainly energize the Republican campaign at a very low point. They have already made a point of articulating that they want nothing to do with further further cooperating on further arms reduction deals with Russia.

That said, Mitt Romney no heavyweight when it comes to foreign policy.

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